From reality to drama, comedy to documentary, I have been putting my signature look on projects for over twenty years.

With a professionalism and know-how bred from crossing the lines from linear tape in the 80's to embracing non-linear from it's earliest inceptions, I've worked with some of the most prolific names in television.

I've covered all major networks, (including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS), cable outlets such as Fox, Discovery, A&E, USA, and FX among others, and dozens of private corporations from Mitsubishi to Ford, New York Life to FTD, my resume spans a spectrum of companies and genres and styles.

My producing/editing work includes clients such as The Food Network, Lifetime, History Channel, Court TV and more. I have been series, story and post producer for a number of shows. I have cut films, documentaries, magazine, news, electronic press kits, music videos, reality, drama, even presidential nomination videos.

My greatest asset is in working collaboratively as a creative partner,  with the ablity to move easily into other roles as the workload requires, and keep the often chaotic pressures of delivering for television in balance with the need for humor, communication and industriousness.

From inception to delivery, graphics design and implementation to working with sound designers, composers and writers, my professionalism is a hallmark of my work.
My six emmies and past clients attest to that.

I am an editor, producer, partner.